The Good Web Design Guide

Getting Your Website Design Right

In a world where there are so many distinctions and variations, how do decide what is good, what is good enough, and what your website simply cannot be without.


The purpose of most websites very generally is as an aide to sales. To help your business generate sales from people who are interested in your products, and ideally go on to make a purchase from you. With that said, your website needs to do the following:


  1. It must be very clear what your website is about.


Clearly show and talk about the products or the service that your business offers. Explain where you do business, for example if you only service customers in a certain geographic area, where you are located so that people can visit your shop or office, and how they can make contact with you if they are interested in purchasing your products or services.


The way that businesses present themselves online has improved greatly, but some business websites used to leave out the key details like their phone number, email address and physical location so that most visitors just left their website in frustration.


  1. Call to Action


The internet is filled with websites that do not use basic internet marketing skills to improve how their website converts website visitors and leads into sales. If you think about how a sale normally happens in the offline world, the casual browser whether on a car showroom floor or a clothing retailer is usually greeted by someone who asks “how can I help you” who goes on to assist you in making a purchase.


That persons job is largely to take you from being a browser to developing your interest in specific products and then to assist in completing or closing the sale. Most websites do not replicate this function, but without some way to nurture the sale they are unlikely to fulfil the potential of their new revenue stream.


Sensible ways to increase interaction and stimulate sales with the people who visit your website include offering inducements and incentives to people who buy online, offering coupons by way of pop-ups encouraging people to do it now. And adding chatbots whether automated or operated by a human that seeks to assist potential customers when they visit your website.


By visiting your website these visitors have shown that they have some level of interest in the products or services that you offer, and really this interest needs to satiated before they move onto the next website that could possibly do a better job of doing this than your website does.


One other way, that people often use to build up a following or an audience for their products is by way of email opt-ins, where they will offer something reduced or for free when you join their marketing list. It will usually be called something a little more attractive like perhaps the “Special Offer Club” but the intent will be the same.


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