A Guide To Industrial Style Furniture For Your Loft


For houses with a loft, decor becomes a challenge, especially when the owner of the house has minimal or no knowledge of interior design. The choice of style should be chosen after a number of considerations are made, such as stability of the house after the installations.

A loft should not include very heavy pieces of furniture, to avoid cases of collapse. This, however, should not limit the owner, and they should find a style which is applicable in an engineering perspective and also appealing to the eye.

Below is an eye-opening guide to industrial style furniture which can be applied in a loft.

Industrial Home Accents

Accents are the basic items used for giving a house a style. Industrial accents, such as spherical sculptures, coral figurines, sunburst sculptures and Wyatt striped picture frames among others give a loft the industrial touch. They can be placed alone, or used as holders for flowers in the case of hollow sculptures.


Mirrors with funnily shaped frames easily give a loft the industrial style. These can be hanged on walls or placed on a table as dressing mirrors.

Metal Accents

For industrial style furniture, metal accents should be given precedence. These give the loft a rustic look and feel. From headboards to side tables, metal should be the primary material of choice. For the case of seats, one can choose to use acacia wood, which gives a retro feel and uses metal for the seat legs.

The best choice of metal can be stainless steel, although brass and other polished metals can be used to give the streamlined look. Old metallic industrial fans also give the perfect look, whether in use or not.

Iconic Elements

These elements can include such furniture pieces as metal and acacia wood bookcases. These can be placed in the loft and used to place books or as stacking storages, similar to those applied in the industries. They should, however, be made in a shape and size that blends in with the loft outlook, to avoid the element filling the spaces, or looking isolated.

Using Neutral Tones

Color is the main aspect of any interior decor, and it sets the general style. In an industrial setup, the colors should remain predominantly neutral, with the preferred colors being dark grey, charcoal grey, black or any dark shade of brown.

These can be complemented by a random bright colored single item, such as a colorful wall painting. For main decor items such as huge coffee tables, the natural deep brown color of acacia wood should be maintained.

Architectural Spaces

These spaces are made when constructing the loft, and they include such aspects as floating staircases, open spaces above window panes and interesting designs on the walls and wall edges.

Having an exposed filament bulb works the magic, in addition to high rising ceilings and exposed bricks. Industrial spaces create exposure which gives the interior an industrial look.


Industrial style furniture is among the easiest to apply, due to the ease of acquisition and application, long life and cost-effectiveness.


Best Budget Electric Bikes

How Do You Pick Out The Best Electric Bike Under £1000?

Electric bikes of all types are out there, and they can be quite fun. It really does matter where you buy one and who you buy it from. There are many tips that can help you make sure that you get the right electric bike for you, too. For example, when it comes to a purchase of this size, you want to make sure that you take a look at the warranty. What type of warranty should be expected when it comes to an electric bike?

You also want to look at specific features of these bikes and think about your needs. In this case, you have to consider bikes under £1000. If you are going to be biking long distances, then you need to think about what bike is best for those distances. You want your bike to hold its charge. People have different ideas about long distances, so it is best to look at what the specific features say for the best electric bikes under £1000.

You want to pay attention to quality for sure, but you also want to pay attention to service. Remember that warranty, and know what you are supposed to do when it comes to your bike and it needing to be fixed. You don’t want to think about a new electric bike needing repairs, but you will certainly need to know you are buying the best bike from the best company.

One other thing is that it is important to check the law in your area as some jurisdictions will require you to tax and insure your electric bike. If you do need insurance we can recommend the Cheap Car Insurance Review UK for good levels of cover.

That is a good budget for an electric bike, £1000. Experts say to have high expectations, and that means you are going to get one nice bike. It is also suggested that you take your bike for a test ride, and that will help you know that the bike you end up choosing is comfortable and the best one for you. Are you ready to pick out an electric bike?

Vaping Mods for 2018

The Best Vape Box On The Market

Are you searching for the best vape box on the market? If so, you should consider so many factors before picking the right product. Box mods or vape mods are almost the same thing. It is commonly referred to as vape box too. In fact, a vape mod is an electronic cigarette that is not made in the standard tubular shape. The box mod is designed in the shape of a box. But today’s market is flooded with box mods that don’t look like a box at all. Hence, the name can mislead most of the newcomers to the e-cigarette field. This article provides information on what you should consider when choosing the best vape box on the market.

A mod is basically a battery and computer chip. It is similar to a miniature vaping computer. It comes with a built-in or externally rechargeable battery that supplies power to the mod. The computer chip will enable all of the functions of the mod. It allows the user to communicate with the device and make the necessary adjustments.


Finding the best mod on the market is not an easy task with all types of brands and models of mods on the market. That is where your research becomes very important. The internet is the best place to do your research. That is the best way to get a good idea of what you really want. You can check out all the customer reviews of the popular devices on the market today and see if there are any problems with the device that you plan to buy. By shopping at the best vaping shop online of 2018  you can save time and money in the buying process.


In conclusion, buying the best vape mod is not an easy task with the numerous vape mods on the market.

Gardening Hobbies

Garden Hobbies – Woodworking Tips You Need to Know

There are many different hobbies to enjoy and it doesn’t matter what you plan on doing, there is always a way to improve on the craft. One of those Hobbies is Woodworking and it is not only enjoyable, it is also therapeutic as well.

Of course, if you are going to be taking part in any type of woodworking project, it’s a good idea to have a few tips up your sleeve so that you can enjoy it even more. The following woodworking tips will help you in this regard.

1. Be safe – one of the most important tips that I can provide is to be safe when you are doing any type of woodworking project. You are often working with sharp and dangerous tools so if you are safe, you will be able to enjoy it for a much longer time.  If you look at VIP you will find a wide range of safety glasses and other safety tips, and some of the best auto accessories online for 2018.

2. The right tools for the right job – although it may be tempting to use sandpaper to take a lot of material off of the corner of a piece of wood, it is not going to be the easiest way to do it. You will enjoy your hobby much more if you have the right tools available and you use them as intended.

3. Keep your tools in good condition – when you have the right tools available, you will use them to their full potential when they are kept in good condition. In addition, using a sharp tool is always a safer option than using one that is dull.

If you view the Careful Gardener site, you will see some excellent tips for building your own lawnmower shed, because Careful Gardener proudly sells the best power washers online for 2018.

4. Understand the wood – finally, know the type of wood that you are using and get proficient with using it properly. Each type of wood has its own characteristics and when you understand how to work with it properly, the end result will be much better.

Farming – A Forgotten Way of Life

Antique Farm Power – A Key to the Past

Farming is a way of life, and as technology prevails its a much more automated, and much less harsh way of life. But a short examination of agricultural history shows just how different that way of life was.

With farming there were reasons for everything, and waste was a sin. We could learn a lot. For example in years gone by having a nice big house out in the country meant one thing. You owned a farm, and needed to live there to manage the farm. To live in the country miles away from civilisation for any other reason would be foolish. You had important work to do, and you were there to do it. Now, however with the percentage of people deriving their income from the land being much lower, many people have big houses in the country with no farm. This would be hard for the previous farming generation to understand.